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It’s funny how you can spend so much time working towards something, all your energy pouring into it, only to blink and find yourself on the other side.

That’s precisely what has happened with the City City music video I’ve been working on.  After many months of work we have finally shot the last of it.  Of course that lands me solidly in post-production, and there is much much more to be done.  But that’s another matter.

Rather than recount typical production war stories about blown fuses, hairy schedules, or abused actors (I sincerely hope they forgive me), I think I’ll just share a few pictures.  Truth is, all said and done my brain is a bit slushy and I’m surprised I’ve been able to string this many coherent sentences together.  Or is the giraffe still contemplating the bowl of oatmeal aboard the 747 to Dubai?  Maybe I should get some rest.

Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for updates as we get closer to completion.  Fingers crossed that all that keying/compositing won’t drive my editor completely insane.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge everyone who has put their all into these last few days on set.  Once again in alphabetical order, they are:

Noah Baron, Benjamin Brooks, Lei Deng, Omar Gonzalez, Eric Grush, Jessica Hoffman, Ashphord Jacoway, Jeff Kirchner, Kevin Lee, Dan McCollister, Kyle Minichelli, Cori McCullough, Ed Munoz, Valerie Ngai, and Jarrett Portnoy.

And the Shoot Goes On

Top to Bottom: Mischa Livingstone, Cori McCullough, Ashphord Jacoway, Noah Baron, Benjamin Brooks, Ed Munoz, Lei Deng

After a brief hiatus (and minor complications now resolved), shooting has finally resumed on the music video I am directing for LA band City City.  And all I can say is that there is nothing quite like production to replenish ones humility.

Truth is, I say that on many accounts.

On one hand, there are the usual production issues that plague any project.  Losing my location the evening before the shoot was just one of those.  All these problems do, hopefully, is remind one to stay flexible.  As I tell my students, you must be completely rigid about what you are saying.  How you say it, however, requires tremendous flexibility.  And if you relax, take it in stride, and stay relatively sane, you might just end up with something far better than you had anticipated.  Ok, so one location turned into two and schedule became even more of an issue than normal (watching the sun set has never been so fraught with tension, and no, it wasn’t due to vampires lurking in the shadows), but them’s the breaks of production and I wouldn’t exchange it for the world.

On the other hand, there is the cast and crew.  I know I have said the following many times before, but it always bears repeating.  I am awed by the spectacular work of my colleagues.  Be it due to the resourcefulness of a crew working under duress or the commitment of my actors (thank you, Ashphord and Noah, for letting me torment you beyond belief) I am massively indebted.

I recognize that I have kept much of this project under wraps, and that will stay true for several weeks more.  In the meantime, here is a selection of production stills (courtesy of Benjamin Brooks) to whet your appetite and make you wonder what the hell we’re doing.

Finally, a new list of thanks to those who helped out with this last round of shooting.  In alphabetical order they are: Noah Baron, Benjamin Brooks, Lei Deng, Eric Grush, Jessica Hoffman, Ashphord Jacoway, Jeff Kirchner, Kevin Lee, Dan McCollister, Chris McKee, Kyle Minichelli, Cori McCullough, Ed Munoz, Valerie Ngai, Susan Papa, Jarrett Portnoy, and Emily Spaulding.