How to write about silence when the very act of doing so conjures up a voice in ones head?  That narrator’s voice that accompanies such writings and hopefully sounds something like Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones.  Today’s goal, though, is to provoke a true sense of silence, with all the glorious stillness and peace of mind that accompanies it.  For that I need to be narrator free, so I will be brief.

I have spent a couple of days hiking through Sequoia National Park, on the western slopes of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range.  I cannot put to words the profound joy of traipsing through a forest blanketed by snow, surrounded by the largest trees on earth.  So I’m not going to bother.  However, I feel compelled to remind others that such experiences are a vital ingredient of life, so essential to our physical and mental well-being, yet so hard to “schedule”.  We all know it’s what we need, though.

But if you can’t get away, try this instead.  Take a moment to dwell upon your own awe-inspiring nature-related experience.  Or simply anything that engenders a sense of calm and inner tranquility.  To that end I leave the following section blank.  Insert tale of humbling serenity here:


















And for the more visually inclined readers (I always did enjoy books that had the occasional illustration) here are a few photos from the trip, no more photographically worthy than semi-decent desktop patterns.


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