I’ve got a song stuck in my head.  It’s an old childhood song that goes something like:

Here we go loop-de-loo.
Here we go loop-de-la.
Here we go loop-de-loo.
All on a Saturday night.

I wonder if this song’s residency in my conscious mind has something to do with the impending end of year shenanigans.  Let’s consider.

  • Christmas decorations abounding (which set off you’re annual retort, “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!”) – Check.
  • Thanksgiving (spent with loved ones, replete with thrills and disappointments) – Check
  • Black Friday (sneered at from afar, or shamefully caught up in, with that amazing never-to-be-seen-again-once-in-a-Christmas-season deal) – Check.
  • Christmas music (again with the sneering) – Check.
  • More Christmas music – Check.
  • Please make all this Christmas music stop! – Check.

How predictable we are.

In truth, I think it’s just the inevitable sigh of having reached the end of the year and accomplished rather less than we had hoped for on January 1st.  That’s what this loop is really about, right?  The annual setup for failure.  Somehow we’re supposed to have accomplished oh so much over the course of the year, and what a shocker, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Have no fear, though, for come January the loop will begin afresh, with New Year resolutions and calls from advertisers to “shape up”, “get fit”, “lose those pounds”.  In short, make amends for the pathetic disappointment we were the previous year by promising a new and improved self.  How unfair!

Imagine, for a moment, if we could lose the calendar.  Forget the day, the month, or the year.  Stick to the basics.  Days are colder so we bundle up against the elements (even in LA).  The fruits of summer are gone, replaced by the root vegetables of winter.  Bring on beef stew, creamy soups, and mulled wine.  Delicious!  Days are short and darkness abounds, so we read more, engage in more philosophical conversations, appreciate a moment of quiet just as nature shuts down for a much needed breather.

And yes, we all need a breather.  Especially you (yes, you!) for you have worked so hard all year.  So hard!  And if nobody else recognizes it, know that I do.  I think you’ve outdone yourself, matured in an enviable way, and been a role model to people you don’t even know.  Sure, I don’t know all the details, all the unspoken trials and tribulations that you’ve had to endure.  But endure them you have, and so beautifully.

So resist the whiny pang of guilt that cries, “but you HAVEN’T… you DIDN’T… you WON’T…”.

You WILL!, but not right now.

Right now you are enjoying your respite.  Breathing deeply.  And above all taking immense pleasure in the calm.  Because you’ve more than earned it.

Happy Holidays!

1 thought on “Loop-de-loo

  1. Heather

    I just need a breather from all these kids! Being a teacher has earned a much needed breather. ME …. YES MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


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