Nowt to Say

I’ve dug a hole for myself, and it’s an inescapable one.

I’ve got a blog and a website.  I’ve got a Facebook page or two.  I’ve even sunk to new depths and signed up for Twitter.

And I have nothing to say.

No wonderfully exciting news about some glorious project I’m working on  (everything is still in process).  No clever witticism on a precious daily incident.  No pithy commentary on nowt.

This is a problem.  In a world of moment-to-moment updates and news it is positively distasteful to let any of the aforementioned outlets lie fallow.  WE MUST UPDATE!  Our digital footprint MUST expand, like last-year’s mostly forgotten oil spill or this year’s mostly forgotten radiation leak (Cesium 137 anyone?).

Rest assured, though, said digital footprint is far more insidious than either of these natural/man-made disasters.  At least they shall dissipate over time, but not the dreaded (and simultaneously coveted) digital footprint.  It waits, patient as time itself, to continue its growth.  It is an ever-expanding Velcro ball to which all things stick, perpetually.  And we chase after it, hurling the detritus of our lives at it, and cheering it and our Google rankings on.

We applaud our technical evolution as a mark of progress, but we are no different from early humans, having freshly discovered agriculture as an alternative to hunting and gathering.  And with that discovery, ushered in a modern era of perpetual (and, let’s face it, unsustainable) growth.

J’accuse!  But only because I too am guilty (Twitter, for heaven’s sake!). And in my guilt I urge you.  Reclaim anonymity!  Reclaim privacy!  Let a quiet moment in life be just that, without sharing your nose-pickings with the world via twitpic, flickr, or WordPress.

But my rant is pointless, for here comes the Velcro ball and my personal Ouroboros is nothing but the latest addition to my own digital footprint.


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