If you are anywhere in the Los Angeles area this weekend (Apr. 17-18), come check out a project I’ve working on that will be debuting at the Brewery Artwalk.

Ever wanted to be a secret agent?  Think you have what it takes to save the world from unspeakable threats?  This weekend you have the chance to find out.

I’ve been working for the Virsix Institute of Counter Espionage (V.I.C.E.), an organization dedicated to neutralizing global threats without the restrictions of government intervention.   V.I.C.E will be spending the weekend evaluating Artwalk attendees, looking for the most promising new recruits.

I wrote the story for the game, plus directed all the live action video segments that accompany it.  It promises to be a very exciting experience so come check it out.

Additional info and directions at the following link:


See you there.

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