Is it just me, or is 2010 one of those dates that seems too far in the future to be real?  It’s not even a question of wondering where the flying cars, teleportation devices, or holidays on Mars are.  We’ve all come to terms with that silliness.  It’s simply the number itself, 2010, that seems too remote.

I’m freshly back from my annual year-end pilgrimage to New York, visiting friends and family and generally allowing my brain to turn to mush.  Days of wandering the city in sub-zero weather, facing bracing winds and snow flurries.  Who could ask for a more relaxing time?

There are several anecdotes from my trip worth sharing in detail.  I think they are all worthy of being turned into movies and want to know what you think of the following pitches?  Which story needs me to spend all my energy convincing Hollywood this is the next “Juno” or “Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire”?

“The Frozen Bride” – A Japanese wedding party suffers great tragedy when a blizzard tears through Central Park just as they are taking their formal wedding photos.

“Soup Lady” – The uplifting tale of an old crone who, after years of solitude in the East Village, finally accepts the existence of white borscht.

“Astor Place” – A group of strangers, seemingly with nothing in common, mysteriously find themselves waiting for the same uptown 6 train on New Year’s Day.

Personally, I think these are all winners, but I will defer to your thoughts.  After all, you are the very people I will be coming to for help to realize these gems.

Happy New Year.

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