62nd Cinema

A little while ago a fellow UCLA alum (the estimable Julie Pittman) asked me if I would be interested in contributing a film for a 60-second film festival (hence 62nd Cinema) that she was producing for the Echo Park Film Center (EPFC).  Naturally, I said yes, for who am I to turn down an opportunity to make another film?

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my 60-second allotment.  Oh, the possibilities, the endless opportunity to say something powerful, important, significant.  On the other hand, I could just have some fun.

I chose the latter, feeling a great weight lift as I ventured to make a film devoid of budgetary concerns, 3-act structure, slick production value, or indeed any sense of standard narrative filmmaking.  I wanted this to be a complete and total departure from any previous work of mine.  I will spare you the details of production (as fun and creatively unshackled as it was), lest I reveal too much about a piece that is probably best experienced unsullied by descriptions of its formation.  Instead, simply view the finished film below.

Said result screened amidst an evening of similarly liberated acts of casual cinematic expression at the aforementioned EPFC, a non-profit outfit nestled at the corner of Alvarado and Sunset Boulevards.  And what a truly magical evening it was.

Aside from also acting as a mini UCLA film school reunion (where I happily ran into some people I hate to admit I haven’t seen in nearly 10 years), the slate of films ran the gamut from absurd to whimsical to endearing to absurd all over again.  A mixture of work from both seasoned filmmakers and total novices, this collection of proudly expressionistic mini-films proves that indeed size doesn’t matter.  Sometimes the best work is just a matter of taking a minute, picking up a camera, and letting your mind wander.

Kudos again to Julie Pittman and Jeremy Rosenberg for organizing what I hope is just the first of an ongoing series of 62nd Cinema.  We need more events like this.

PS – On top of everything, I also won the evening’s raffle, a free year-long membership to the EPFC.  Very nice indeed.

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