“A Little Night Fright” Goes to Berlin

Every email should start with the words, “it is my very great pleasure to announce…”

So goes the opening of an email I received today from the Berlin International Film Festival informing me that “A Little Night Fright” has been accepted for the upcoming festival in February.

Clearly, I’m overjoyed.

I’m also wondering how much tickets cost to Germany in February (damn the plummeting dollar), who can put me up in Berlin, and will my southern Californian clothing hold up in the cold of a European winter?  I don’t know that it will.

But none of this really matters, as it’s not every day that you screen for the first time in Berlin, and I’m quite simply thrilled and very proud.  And grateful too, to everyone who worked on the film and made it as strong as I believe it is (and which Berlin has now validated).

But first things first, I’m going to strike a new print, as the ones I have are a little too scratched and dirty to warrant making an appearance in Berlin.

Can you tell I just like saying “Berlin”?

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