Mira and Idan’s Wedding – Part 4 – “After the Wedding”

If you’ve made it this far with this blog entry I applaud you.  As a reward, I’ll keep the rest of my account brief.

In many ways, the following days felt similar to the couple of days preceding the wedding.  One family function followed another, be it dinner in Sal’it with Idan’s family, or dinner with my aunt and uncle from New York who had rented a house in Kfar Shmiriyahu for the week.  No matter what, there was always a plentitude of good food, good wine, and great conversation.   The last of the “formal” functions was Friday night dinner at our house, a final celebration before family and departed the following day for countries hither and yon.

I was originally supposed to return to the States that Saturday too, but decided instead to stay through the Monday.  It proved to be an excellent decision as my final couple of days in Israel were more of what I’m used to.  There’s nothing wrong with all the hubbub and excitement of the days leading up to the weekend, but nothing compares to sitting in the back garden with my family and having a quiet lunch, or dinner, or just a beer.  I also got a little private time with each member of my family, and whether it was sitting in a little pub in Kfar Saba with Aaron, or helping Mira return her dress in Tel Aviv, it’s moments like these that I treasure above all.

It was a great trip.

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