Festivals, Features, and Weddings – an Update

I seem to start every blog entry by exclaiming that I am freshly returned from some far-flung place, be it a foreign country, film festival, or local theatre expedition (equally far-flung in Los Angeles).

These jaunts always manage to ignite the need to correspond with the outside world, and given that it’s been a while since my last missive I feel it’s appropriate to give you a quick update, sans any mention of where I’ve recently returned from (although it is a film festival this time).

First up, “A Little Night Fright”

The film continues to blaze a trail across the festival landscape, and I find myself juggling schedules and making sure that prints get where they need to go in time for the next screening.  Who knew that organizing a film shipment from Montreal to Chicago would be so complicated?

Some noteworthy recognition for the film includes two recent awards.  First, the film won “Best Horror Film” at the Dusk Til Dawn Film Fest.  Then, just yesterday, I learned that ALNF took 1st place in the Short Short category at the Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival.  Not too shabby, plus I found the following random quote on a blog just following the festival.  “[The film] gave me a nice, horror-filled guffaw at the end. Little brothers can be evil…”  (jaycbird.blogspot.com).  It’s very flattering when complete strangers compliment your work, and somehow more meaningful that when your nearest and dearest do it.  Hmm.  And what exactly does a “horror-filled guffaw” sound like?

Speaking of quotes, I got a terrific one from Steve Ramos of IndieWIRE.  He writes, ““A perfect behind-the-sofa scare for all ages.”  “Stylishly Clever – a small gem that showcases a new talent worthy of notice.”  Many thanks go to Steve for being so generous in his praise.  Naturally, this now sits atop the film’s web page on my site, next to Chris Gore’s quote.

I’ve also got a bunch of upcoming screenings, including a couple more in the Southern California area.  Of particular note to those of you in LA is the upcoming Shriekfest Horror/Sci Fi Film Festival at Raleigh Studios (www.shriekfest.com).  The festival runs from Oct 4th through the 7th, and the film will be screening on 35mm.  So if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, here’s a great opportunity.

Also in the neighborhood, check out the film at the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, screening on Saturday, September 16th.  The lake alone is worth the trip up into the mountains, although the fest is pretty schnazzy too.

Elsewhere in the world the film will screen at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (Academy qualifying), the Filmstock International Film Festival in the UK, and I just got invited to screen at the Starz Denver Film Festival, another Academy qualifier.

Recent screenings include the Montreal World Film Festival and the SoCal Independent Film Festival, which is where I’m just back from.  The film is also continuously on tour with the Ann Arbor Film Festival so it keeps cropping up in other places too.

So all in all I’m pretty chuffed with how well the film is doing, and look forward to more of the same.

In totally other news, I’m currently editing filmmaker friend Mia Trachinger’s new feature, “Reversion”.  I’m completely in the thick of my first cut, which I will be presenting to Mia in about a week’s time (so what the hell am I doing skiving off to attend film festivals or write blog entries?).

Thanks to the power of HD, P2 cards, and a first rate Apple computer complete with the latest Final Cut Pro software) I’ve been editing since day one of production, literally.  Each evening I would receive that day’s dailies in digital form, which only required a little transcoding and audio syncing before I could get into the thick of editing.

By the time they had wrapped production I had already cut together a trailer for the film, which I’m told will be posted on the movie’s website soon (www.reversionthemovie.com).  I’ll let you know when it is so you can check out what promises to be a mind-bending encounter with a truly independent voice.  Needless to say, I’m having a blast with the material, and only hope that Mia is equally thrilled when she sees the first cut.  Yikes.

And as if that isn’t enough to keep me busy, I’m off to Israel in a fortnight for my sister’s wedding.  I’m only going to be there for a week, but I promise to make the most of it.  I fully expect to be thrown for a loop at the actual experience of my baby sister getting married so be warned, and know that I am accepting donations of bottles of single malt if you feel the need to congratulate me.

So that’s pretty much it.  If you actually made it this far and read everything, kudos to you.  If not, screw you and I never liked you anyway.  Not that you’ll know this, given that you stopped reading somewhere between the first line and the second.  Oh well.

Back to work now.  I’ve got a feature to cut, festival submissions to go out, and a wedding to emotionally prepare for.

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