In Absentia

There is something distinctly odd about not attending a festival where ones work is screening.  It’s a little like having a bunch of strangers stare at a naked picture of you, and you’re not even there to defend yourself or distract them from noticing the truly embarrassing bits.

These last few weeks “A Little Night Fright” has screened at three festivals on two continents.  First there was the Athens International Film & Video Festival in Ohio.  Next up was the Algarve International Film Festival in Portugal, followed by the Jacksonville Film Festival in Florida.

You would think that not being present would excuse me from having the usual pre-screening jitters (ie: Is there sound?  Is the aspect ratio correct?  Will the film rip in the middle or go up in flames?).  Alas, no.   All I find is that I hold on to these fears well after the screening has concluded.  After all, I’m not there to know for sure that everything went well.  I’ll just have to take the festival staff’s word for it.

With that in mind it’s back to work, writing up a storm, sending out festival applications, and plotting out my next project.  No rest for the wicked.

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