Nashville Blast

Hello all,

Here’s the latest update on my film, “A Little Night Fright”.

I just got back from Tennessee where I spent the weekend attending the Nashville Film Festival in Music City.  Never having been to Nashville before I was naturally interested to check it out (not that I’m a huge fan of Country Music or even a fan at all, for that matter.)

As you might expect, music abounds everywhere in this city, and I fully embraced everything that Country Music has to offer (including Elvis’s limo’s diamond and fish scale paint job at the Country Music Hall of Fame).

I heard lots of great music, whether it was at one of the many parties organized by the festival or a simple Honky Tonk downtown.  Of musical note was the documentary “Dirty Country” about truck stop celebrity singer/songwriter Larry Pierce.  Whilst the film was not particularly well shot or put together, it did highlight a sexually explicit subset of songwriting where no topic is off limit, no dirty word left unmolested.  I tried to find some online, but nothing showed up.  Trust me, they are crude to say the least.

As for my film, it played in the KidCinema Program, with two screenings over the weekend.  I hadn’t set out to make a kid’s film, but found it fascinating to see the reaction in a younger audience.  My favorite moment was a barrage of questions from one little girl who had come to the festival on crutches and was completely terrified by my film. She wanted to know all about how it was made as an antidote for her fear.  I might add that she was grinning from ear to ear when it was over, so I’m concluding that it was a good scare.  Her parents approved too, so I’m not that evil.

I had a blast between the movies, the music, and the Jack Daniels, although I learned my lesson in Ann Arbor and didn’t arrive home with too much of a festival hangover.

Back in LA, I’m back teaching although my film goes on without me.  Next stop, Athens Ohio, for the Athens Intl. Film & Video Festival.

That’s it for now.  Hope you are all well.


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